Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 164-Happy Birthday & Hi-HatCupcakes

Yesterday was my hubby's 26th birthday so to celebrate I made Hi-Hat cupcakes (discovered on Pinterest of course!) and we had a small get together with some friends to BBQ

These cupcakes look much more difficult to make than they actually were.  They were super fun to make and a big hit at the BBQ.

I only made 12 cupcakes with 1 candle in each.  My mom decided that this just wasn't acceptable and put 14 more candles in one poor cupcake so the hubby could blow out the correct 26 candles! 

A couple friends left early and took 2 cupcakes before we could light the candles so that's why you see the 2 votive candles in the back there.

As you can see candles and birthday wishes are very important to my mom, and as a result are very important to me.

Happy Birthday Babe!

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