Monday, January 31, 2011

335 Days

So I've decided to start a 365 day photo project but because I wasn't clever enough to think of this at the beginning of the year it's turned into a 335 day photo project.  Hopefully between school and kids I can find enough time  to do this..I'm thinking that time won't be my biggest problem and I know I won't have any trouble taking a picture every day...I have a feeling my bad memory will be my biggest enemy but here goes nothing!

Day 1-Diaper Laundry

An amazing weekend!

This weekend we went up to the McCall winter carnival and stayed in a cabin with good friends. 
We played in the snow, went snowboarding, took morgan "sledding" for the 1st time, sat around a bonfire, ate delicious food, and relaxed a little bit.

We had a great time!

Morgan had a blast in the snow, she would have stayed outside until her little fingers froze off if I'd let her

Bailey even got to play in the snow for the 1st time :)

I love my little family <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did my sweet baby girl

turn in to a monster?!

^^^This is the look on her face what feels like 75% of the time these days, and the whine that comes with that face.. like nails on a chalk board!  I'm at such a loss,  HELP me!

It's a good thing she's so darn cute ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011


So I just realized that people following my blog can leave me comments! 

What an amature right!

So if you've left me a comment I swear I'm not a jerk..I'm just a little dense sometimes ;)


I did it!

Drum roll please......

Here's my "new" even included dinner!

Living Room

I even got extra motivated and cleaned the playroom and did diaper laundry...I'm thinking it's time for bed!

Moving Sucks!

I hate everything about moving...the packing, the heavy lifting, asking for help, the unpacking, organizing, hanging up all of my pictures...but I do love the feeling of finally being done and settled in!  Too bad I'm not there yet!  Not even close it feels like...

This is my kitchen right now

As you can see the counter has become sort of a catch all for anything that doesn't have a "home" yet...and it's awful!

Here's my living room

Yuck!  I swear I don't normally live like this!

My goal...To have these clean and organized by the end of the day

My theory...That if I write it in my blog I'll have someone to be accountable to

We'll see how this goes.  Morgan just went down for a nap, Bailey just ate so I should be good to go for at least a little bit

Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Big Girl!

My "little girl" held her bottle all by herself for the first time yesterday and it was beautiful!  I can't believe that in 6 days this little girl will be 6 months old...I can't believe she's been a part of my life for half a year already! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can't Get Up

So Morgan is officially sick...again...I feel like this poor girl is always sick :(  Normally it's just a fever which I blame on teething but this time I'm thinking she's getting croup.  She's got an awful cough, plugged up nose, and a fever on top of that.  She is currently curled up next to me in my bed snoring her heart out.

I can't bring myself to move because I'm afraid to wake her up and she needs the rest.  I did attempt to nap with her but wouldn't you know it Miss Bailey woke up just as I was drifting off to was a nice thought though!

So with Bailey in my lap and Morgan snoring beside me, I figured I could take this time to post some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks!  Why not right ;)

Ok, that's enough lol!  Any I'm pretty sure Bailey's ready to go back to sleep...I may actually get a nap!