Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can't Get Up

So Morgan is officially sick...again...I feel like this poor girl is always sick :(  Normally it's just a fever which I blame on teething but this time I'm thinking she's getting croup.  She's got an awful cough, plugged up nose, and a fever on top of that.  She is currently curled up next to me in my bed snoring her heart out.

I can't bring myself to move because I'm afraid to wake her up and she needs the rest.  I did attempt to nap with her but wouldn't you know it Miss Bailey woke up just as I was drifting off to was a nice thought though!

So with Bailey in my lap and Morgan snoring beside me, I figured I could take this time to post some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks!  Why not right ;)

Ok, that's enough lol!  Any I'm pretty sure Bailey's ready to go back to sleep...I may actually get a nap!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures!! My favorite one of Bailey is with her sleeping and her thumb in her mouth. I saw this on BBC. So adorable! I love the one of Morgan with the guy (grandpa?) tickling her. So sweet!!!!! Beautiful babies!