Monday, January 10, 2011

Moving Sucks!

I hate everything about moving...the packing, the heavy lifting, asking for help, the unpacking, organizing, hanging up all of my pictures...but I do love the feeling of finally being done and settled in!  Too bad I'm not there yet!  Not even close it feels like...

This is my kitchen right now

As you can see the counter has become sort of a catch all for anything that doesn't have a "home" yet...and it's awful!

Here's my living room

Yuck!  I swear I don't normally live like this!

My goal...To have these clean and organized by the end of the day

My theory...That if I write it in my blog I'll have someone to be accountable to

We'll see how this goes.  Morgan just went down for a nap, Bailey just ate so I should be good to go for at least a little bit

Wish me luck!

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