Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today my beautiful baby girl turned 2! 


Where in the world did 2 years go?!  It's unbelievable how time flies by so quickly! 

When did my baby go from this

To this

She's my little firecracker!  She has turned into such an amazing little person and I absolutely adore watching her grow and learn and change right before my eyes.  It's beautiful and incredible, she amazes me!

Today was a great day filled with wonderful friends and family and more love than I ever imagined possible. 

I am truely blessed!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! Amazing how time flies when they're so young, but drags on forever in their teenage years.

  2. Happy birthday, little girl!! Looks like yall had a blast and your cupcakes were a success!