Saturday, March 12, 2011

DIY Wool Dryer Balls!

In my quest to become a more crunchy mama I discovered wool dryer balls.  You put wool dryer balls in you dryer with your laundry as a substitute for fabric softener and dryer sheets.  Thus, eliminating another cost at the grocery store and unnecessary chemicals touching my family's skin.  Plus they're adorable.

Sounds good to me!

So rather than buy dryer balls online for $5 or $6 a piece I decided that I would use my minimal craftiness and make my own. 

So I dragged the family to the craft store with me last night after story time to pick up some yarn!  When I told Jeremiah my plan he just laughed and said "why don't we install some solar panels too?!" 

He thinks my quest to be more green is funny but is very supportive :)

And then my journey began!

The first thing I did was roll my yarn into balls about 4 or 5 inches around for the cores.  After that I stuffed them into a nylon and knotted each one

After that I washed each one in hot water (in the nylon) and dried them on hot to felt the wool. 

Once they were felted I used wool roving and a felting needle

and added some designs on a few of them

The finished products

My next project...Homemade deodorant..more to come!


  1. Oh my gosh you are so crafty!! I love that your writing sometimes to now!! Very nice work