Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Was Worth It

I decided yesterday at 3:30pm that I wanted to have Christmas pictures done of the girls.  I called the portrait studio to see if they had any appointments available and what do you know they tell me they have an opening at 5:30pm that night.  Of course, in typical Andrea fashion, I got totally impatient and set the appointment! 

Bad idea! 

Jeremiah was at work so it was just me attempting to get together 3 outfits for each girl..not an easy task!  Then I realized I didn't have shoes to go with their Christmas dresses and I was going to have to stop somewhere to buy some. 

An hour and a half later I had both girls loaded in the car and we were on our way!

Morgan wanted nothing to do with pictures, she kept trying to rip all the ornaments off of the tree, and she was getting ticked when the photographer would show her a toy and take it away thinking it would make her smile...she obviously doesn't know Morgan very well!

I spent 2 hours chasing Morgan, changing the girls into 6 different outfits, and  I thought for sure we didn't get any good shots. 

But of course I have the most beautiful girls in the whole world and this is how they turned out

Amazing and completely worth all the hard work. 

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