Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Crunchier Every Day!

I would definitely not call myself a hippie by any means,  But I often find myself thinking that sometimes I'd like to be.  I wish I was one of those moms that made their own baby food, or one of those moms that cooked amazing, fresh, organic foods for every single meal, the mom that recycled everything to help "save" the planet, or wore my babies in a sling everywhere we went.  It such a nice image and I know that a lot of these "hippy" or "crunchy" ways may seems strange to some but they really are pretty intriguing and I figure there's no harm in trying some them out :)

My first step to becoming a bit more "hippy"

Cloth diapers!  Yes, you read correctly..cloth diapers..but these aren't the cloth diapers your grandparents used to use.  There are no rubber covers or sticking little ones with pins.  There are now super easy cloth diapers.  Oh, and did I mention they're ADORABLE!

Sooo cute right?!

Not only am I saving money but I'm also saving the environment, I'm not putting irritating chemicals on my babies bottoms, they're really really soft, and Morgan and Bailey basically look like the most precious girls ever when they wear them!

Are these not the cutest girls you've ever laid your eyes on?!

Some may call me crazy but I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed!

Next step...I think I may just do a bit of research on making our own baby food for Bailey...We have about a month before she starts solids...this could be quite the adventure!

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  1. LOVE those prints!! Our diapers are all solids except for one pocket with pink hearts but it's my son's favorite diaper so the baby girl never even gets to wear it :)

    Your girls are precious!